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YHF energy-saving circulating fans used for tobacco baking
●Motor: 4P/6P pole changing speed control motor(3 phase or sing phase), Insulation class: F, Protection class:IP55, Motor voltage: 220V or 380V with allowance tolerance ±20%. High temperature and humidity resistance, Dropping point of the bearing grease: 180℃, withstand voltage: ±20%.
●Impeller: High efficiency airfoil type cast aluminum blades meet the high strength requirements. High temperature resistance: over 120℃. The impeller bears the characteristics of perfect dynamic balancing performance, smooth and steady operation, reliable performance and nice appearance etc.
●Air duct: Compression moulding forming into shape with baking paint or dot dip galvanizing surface, which is well anticorrosion.
●Air duct and support are dot dip galvanizing, which protects the surface from the corrosion in 15 safe working years.

Together with the Tongji University, our company developed the YHF energy-saving circulating fans used for tobacco baking according to bulk curing-barn technical requirements proposed by China National Tobacco Corp. It’s fruit of advanced technology and precision manufacturing. The annual production capacity is approx. 500 thousands sets


Performance parameter:

●Air flow:18000m3/h
●Motor power:≥1.5Kw
●Motor voltage:220V or 380V(allowance tolerance ±20%)
●Applicable standards of fan:GB/T3235-1999, GB755-87*, GB756-90*, GB/T1993-93.
●Applicable standards of motor:GB4826-84*, GB12665-90*, GB1032-85*, GB9651-88*, GB/T2658-1995, GB/T7345-1994, GB/T18211-2000.
Notes: It can be designed according to customer’s requirements


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